Our Services

Gameplay & Design

Shadowed Souls Studios provides AAA-quality product solutions for the Unity Game Engine.

Our solutions are built around the philosophy that things should be simple. To maintain this simplicity project wide, we design custom editor utilities tailored for each unique task.

How this benefits you as a customer:

  • Intuitive Interfaces for Ease of Use
  • Artist Friendly Design
  • Programmer Friendly Documentation and Utility

Existing Gameplay and Backend Solutions:

UMA Add-On for RPG Builder

Interactivity Toolkit (coming soon*)

Digital Modeling & Art

Our Digital Design and Arts team has what it takes to bring your dreams to life. We bring passion and creativity to all of our projects, from the most technical of specifications, to the fluffiest of bunnies.

If your needs reside within the realm of reality, or a realm of magic, dragons, spaceships, and mind-bending awesomeness, rest assured that Shadowed Souls Studios has you covered.

Digital Art Services:

  • Character Design and Modeling
  • Level Design
  • Environment Design and Modeling
  • Prop Design and Modeling
  • Concept-Driven Design and Modeling
  • Motion Capture and Custom Animations
  • Voiceovers and Voice Actors
  • Creative Writing / Storytelling
  • A touch of whimsy

Existing Digital Art – Ready for Purchase:

Art by Manu


Art by Max

Unity Asset Store

Game Development

Shadowed Souls Studios offers custom game development services for the Unity Game Engine designed to fit your needs and budget.

Whether a simple click to move controller, an inventory system, a fully articulating hand with twelve fingers, or something far more complicated, Shadowed Souls Studios is here to help.

Our Services Include:

  • Gameplay Development & Optimization
  • Level and Environment Design & Optimization
  • Game Model Sculpting & Design
  • Bespoke Animations
  • Game Conceptualization & Prototyping
  • UNET/Mirror Networking Systems[SOON]

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